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 Home Estimator For the Contractor and Owner Self Builder

This programme does not "Estimate or use Average Quantities per square foot " but actually calculates the quantities required for each particular job.  It is simple to use with little to learn.  Simply enter the measurements and details for your project and the job is done. You will have a complete Bill Of Quantities for Labour and Materials.

  What makes the "Home Estimator" for the Contractor and Owner Self Builder unique compared to other pricing programmes?

  1.     It calculates Material and Labour Quantities  and related costs automatically within the Job File.
  2.     It contains a full list of  Material and Labour prices.
  3.    The Material and Labour Prices are user adjustable for your region.
  4.    The Material and Labour Prices are linked to the automatically calculated quantities to give an accurate costing of your project.
  5.     It provides an automatic and comprehensive Bill of Quantities.
  6.    The small cost of the software will be recouped many times over during the project.
  7.     Flexability and choices available within the Job File make it suitable for Homes or Extensions.
  8.     No software to learn - simply enter your project details
  9.     The Contractors version automatically generates a comprehensively detailed written quote letter of 15 pages that specifies all materials and labour for the project.
  10.     The Contractors version automatically generates 94 Purchase Orders for the supply of all Materials and Labour.
  11.     The Contractors version automatically addresses the Purchase Orders to the selected Contractors or suppliers.
  12.     The Contractors version includes the Project Manager integrated into the "Home Estimator Software".
  13.     Money back guarantee.



  • Our Home Estimator Software is unlike any other products because it actually calculates the quantities of materials and labour for a new home or extension. An Owner Self Builder or Contractor does not need to understand all the calculations required to result in a full Bill Of Quantities that applies to his or her project because our programme makes all the calculations for you. Our programme allows for all the things that would otherwise be neglected and adds them to the Bill of Quantities.  Other Estimating products are simply Databases where you manually calculate the quantities and then match the quantities to a product or service in the database. These products typically lack the details available in our Bill of Quantities. You simply enter your project details and the Estimate is done.


  • Price and get all the quantities for your project with our simple to run "Home Estimator Software" Programme for the Contractor or Owner Self Builder. You will have minimal wastage of materials and all items will be costed into your Contractor or Owner Self Builder project. You will know the true cost before you begin. There is no guess work as all quantities are automatically calculated by the "Home Estimator Software" Programme. Because all known aspects of building a home or a renovation are included in the "Home Estimator Software" Programme you will find that it performs the function of an automatic estimating checklist. Nothing will be missed, left out or forgotten. All standard building materials are included down to the last screw for the last door hinge in our "Home Estimator Software" Programme. Use our programme to price your home, extension or renovation and when all your information is calculated by the programme you will have a Bill of Quantities with over a 1000 lines of Materials and Labour Quanities together with the rate per item and the total cost per item. With experience you can Price a standard style home down to the last nail in under 1hour.


  • Do you as a DIY Owner Self Builder want to save money and time and have the new home or renovation that you or your client have dreamed of ? Do you as a DIY Owner Self Builder want to feel safe in the knowledge that you can identify and avoid the common DIY Owner Self Builder mistakes ? As a DIY Owner Self Builder do you want to understand the logistics of running an Owner Self Builder project ? As a DIY Owner Self Builder do you want to know what materials and trades you need and when you need them ? In todays home buying climate the Owner/Self Builder method is the only way a large number of people can have the home or renovation that they have dreamed of. You do not need to be a DIY expert to do this because the most important aspect of any DIY Project is knowledge and if you know what your costs and material/labour quantities will be you will be well down the road to DIY Owner Self Builder success. You can price yourself back into the new home market by Owner Self Building using the software and tools developed over a period of 25 years by a professional Home Building Contractor. A version of the Home Estimating Software has been simplified to suit the Owner Self Builder and with the input of basic measurements and product selections you will have a complete Bill of Quantities unique to your project.




  • Prior to retirement as a Contractor and Building Supervisor the various Tools and Programmes that I used enabled me to run the construction of up to 50 homes at a time and still be one step ahead of the game. Imagine how much stress you can avoid as a Contractor or Owner Self Builder by being one or two steps ahead in the management of your project. Not only can you avoid the stress of running a Project but you will save money and time by running your Project pro-actively. There are a number of tools in our shop including the "Home Estimator " which will enable an accurate costing of your Owner Builder project and the "Project Manager" which will enable you to stick to this costing and to complete your Project in the time allowed.


  • The Contractor or Owner Self Builder can run their Project to the Day and the Dollar with our "Project Manager". An project that runs on time with materials and trades on site as required will save you $1000,s and months in building time. Bring your Contractor or Owner Self Builder Project to fruition both on time and within your budget. Weather you are a contractor or an Owner Self Builder if you can show the trades a schedule for your project they can be confident that you will be ready for them when you say and this will minimise or eliminate delays and cost over runs. If you can demonstrate that you job is organised and that you know what you want and most importantly when you want it you can demand the same price a professional contractor would recieve.




  • Quality Control for the Contractor or Owner Self Builder is about managing the building processes so that you are satisfied with the quality and consistency of the finished project. Quality Control is a set of procedures designed to ensure that quality standards and processes are adhered to, and that the final product meets or exceeds performance requirements. Quality Control covers activities including design, planning, materials supply, labour supply, installation and servicing as well as proper documentation. Quality Control assures the existence and effectiveness of procedures that attempt to make sure - in advance - that the expected levels of quality will be reached. The Quality Control Manual will help you to keep on top of these potential problem areas by using controls to monitor problem areas, and work immediately to reduce or eliminate them. Control generally includes sampling and testing product at random, measuring tolerances and correcting issues before they become widespread or worsen. During construction work, the pace of activities requires the Owner to coordinate and control Trade Contractors and Suppliers on a daily basis. Very quickly there arises a need to record what happens and who is responsible for correct or incorrect work. The Quality Control Manual will help you to keep on top of these potential problem areas.

  • The Quality Control Manual is designed to:

    1.       Provide routine and consistent checks to ensure material and labour quality and completeness
    2.       Identify and address errors and omissions
    3.       Document and record all Quality Control activities
    4.       Ensure a Quality Control focus throughout the project from pre-planning to completion.


    • All of these tools have been used by a retired Home Builder to sucessfully bring to completion hundreds of New Homes and Home Extensions over a period of 25 years.





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